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Image by Neal E. Johnson
Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup


Cul·ti·vate to acquire or develop.

Being in therapy is more than just talking—it's a unique opportunity to learn new skills, improve relationships and grow from your life experiences. So let us create a space for you to focus on communicating clearly and effectively, developing confidence, and speaking your truth. We aim to reframe the perception of therapy so that it's seen not just as a helpful treatment for mental illness but also as a positive practice that helps all people thrive and become more aligned with their true selves. 

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to someone who understands? Someone you can trust? Someone you can safely share your struggles and receive helpful, outside perspective? At Cultivate Counseling, we have spent years learning to help people talk about things they have been too afraid or ashamed to discuss before. So whether you are struggling in your relationship, anxious about the state of the world, or just confused about who you truly are-- we will provide a place for you to find a connection and start working together towards rediscovering yourself. Schedule a free consultation to get started!


“I have worked with Kim before as colleagues and can attest to her beautiful therapeutic presence. Her compassion runs so very deep for her clients and her care is evident. She has a track record of retaining clients which speaks to her ability to build strong therapeutic relationships as well as help her clients achieve what they want out of therapy."

Caroline Lee

"I have worked with Kim for many years. She fosters authentic and genuine therapy sessions, where the client is able to explore and work through places they are stuck. Kim is a dedicated couples/relational therapist, who will guide, support and align with her clients."

Christen Lish

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